Zoe Dufour 

As an artist, I explore the beauty and design of nature through the study of the human form. I have primarily sculpted portraits, in which I am try to convey a sense of story, a gesture that indicates character or gives the piece a spirit. While sculpting, I look at my subjects in an entirely different light than in my day-to-day interactions. The typical social judgements all drop away and are replaced by a desire to understand the subject in an abstract way, as a series of form and volume relationships. I am inspired by this push to set aside preconceptions in order to see more accurately, and that this accuracy is a form of beauty in understanding itself. The cultivation of self-reflection required to become of aware of my preconceptions has become my metaphorical lens to view life, and is something that cyclically informs my work, as sculpting influences my perceptions of life.

To sculpt, I set up a rational framework for a piece through empirical knowledge, which gives appropriate constraints that my intuitive understanding can successfully play within. Intuition needs experience to guide it, and logic is dry without an emotional component. I am trying to achieve sculptures that balance between these modes of processing visual information; the physical and philosophical, form and concept. There is a strong dialogue between practices and thinking, a direct relationship between the hand and head. This balance is echoed everywhere in nature, and is a constant source of inspiration. Potential for tactile, emotional, and physical connections between objects, space, people and nature are what draws me sculpt.





2010-2015       Grand Central Atelier

2014 July  Studied at Douglass and Sturgess Casting Company

2013               Hudson River Fellowship

2010-2009       Ashland Art Academy    

2008         California Collage of the Arts Summer Intensive

2007          Studied with artist Gerald Heffernon

2005-2006       Studied with artist Rita Alverez



Exhibitions and Awards


2019 Florilegium, Eleventh St Arts Gallery, NYC

2018 1st Place Richard McDermott Miller Portrait Sculpture                         Competition, The National Sculpture Society 

2017                 1st Place Representational Sculpture, American Art                            Awards 

2016                 1st Place in The National Sculpture Society's Portrait                           Sketch Competition  

2016                 Residents Show at Eleventh St Arts Gallery

2016                 Sculpted Show at Decoy Workspace and Gallery

2015                 Grand Prize Winner at Grand Central Atelier Figure                                                 Sculpture Competition 

2014-2015         Grand Central Atelier Inaugural Group Show

2013                 ARC Scholarship Winner

2010                 Final Group Show Ashland Academy of Art

2008                 Group Show at California College of the Arts

2007                 Installation piece at the CAF offices in Davis, CA 

2005                 Art Walk in Woodland, CA

2004                 Best in Division Yolo County Fair



Professional Experience


2018-Present Sculpture Teacher at The Art School at Old Church

2016-Present     Sculpture Teacher at Grand Central Atelier 

2015-Present     Sculptor at Studio EIS

2015                 Durgama project for Carole Feuerman

2013-Present    Various Commissioned Art Work 

2014                Artist at 3-D Printing Convention, NYC

2012                Illustrated Ad Mock up for Baxter International

2007               Illustrated Comic for NCAT, Davis, CA

2007               Illustrated Book Cover-Screaming Meme

2006               Illustrated Cover for Morgan Sport Horse Classic Show                                            Booklet

2005              Artist at Aquarius Laser Etching and Graphic Design