Portrait Sculpture Workshop with Manchester Studios RVA
to Aug 24

Portrait Sculpture Workshop with Manchester Studios RVA

In this workshop, students will be familiarizing themselves with basic sculpture techniques and concepts informed by antique, Renaissance, and 19th century practices, while learning how to effectively use clay modeling tools as they sculpt the portrait from life.

Our is approach based around close observation from life, and an emphasis on anatomical structure and form relationships.  Studying form relationships in the portrait will inform students on how to think three-dimensionally, judging likeness with volume and mass, and learning to read depth.   

We will cover basic “block-in” technique, learning how to accurately establish the large relationships of the portrait, before moving on to modeling and finishing techniques for clay. 

The class will include sculpting demonstration, constructive critiques, and lecture. No experience is necessary, teaching will be tailored to individuals. 

Recommended tools:

Sculpture House double wire end modeling tool #204

"Knife like" wooden modeling tool

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